TBH-250 Ball Head with Micro Adjustment 

  • 44 lb (20 kg) loading capacity
  • 38mm universal quick release system
  • 360-degree panning
  • Durable magnesium housing
  • Micro adjustment friction control


# TBH-250



The TBH-250 Ball Head With Micro Adjustment is a heavy duty ball head that features a micro adjustment fine tuning knob with the locking knob that gives you total control over ball friction for precise adjustments when composing your images. You can reposition your camera quickly, easily, and accurately. The TBH-250 is compact (4.72" (120mm)), weighs just 15.87 oz (450 g), has a durable magnesium housing, and features 2 bubble levels for precision attitude adjustment. It includes a 38mm universal quick release system, a  built-in safety pin to prevent the risk of accidentally releasing your camera, and a single knob locking mechanism. It will support cameras, lenses and camcorders up to 44 lb (20 kg).

The TBH-250 has an easy-to-grip lever that's oversized and can be repositioned easily for comfortable use. It provides totally secure locking, so your gear stays in place, no matter the angle. An oxidization anodized surface on the ball ensures it will remain scratch-free and provide ultra-smooth and precise movements. The TBH-250 is supplied with a QS-60 quick release plate.


  • 44 lb (20 kg) load capacity
  • Durable magnesium housing
  • 38mm universal quick release system
  • Two bubble levels
  • Safety locking system for quick shoe
  • Compact: 4.72" (120mm)
  • Lightweight: 15.87 oz (450 g)
  • One QS-60 quick release plate


Warranty Applicable by national law
Extended Warranty 10 years
Application photo
Material Magnesium Alloy
Weight (lb) 0.45
Bubble Level on Head 2
Body Material Durable magnesium housing
Color Black
Load capacity (lbs) 44
Quick Shoe QS-60