Wildlife Photography: Gelada Baboons by Julie Larsen Maher
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Wildlife Photography: Gelada Baboons by Julie Larsen Maher

Julie Larsen Maher_2#5CCE8F

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Wildlife Photography: Bleeding Heart Baboons

As seen by Vanguard Professional Julie Larsen Maher

Published by Vanguard USA

Red is the color of power and passion, energy and action. A heart of red can mean romance. And gelada baboons wear their hearts on their chests.

The ruddy patch of hairless skin on a gelada’s chest changes in appearance with its reproductive readiness. For a female, a fiery red patch is a sexual cue that she is receptive to mating. A male gelada displays a heart-shaped chest patch that is more brightly colored in dominant males with greater access to reproductive females. His patch will quickly fade when he has lost his dominance status and breeding privileges within baboon society...

Gear: Nikon D4, Vanguard Alta Pro Aluminum Alloy Tripod

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