#RaiseYourGlass Podcast is an opportunity for Vanguard to connect with its fans on something that we all hold dear; the tradition of hunting and the outdoor life. Once a month, host Mike Avery will sit down with a special guest and discuss everything under the sun, from latest-and-greatest hunting gear, to their special stories of braving it in the Great Outdoors.



November, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 19:  Bill Konway - Outdoor Photographer

We've been waiting for this one! Vanguard Outdoors' chief photographer (and chief photographer/ editor for Realtree Outdoors) Bill Konway joins us this week. Odds are, if you follow Vanguard or Realtree on social media, or if you subscribe to a hunting publicataion of some kind, you've seen Bill's images. In fact, some of Bill Konway's images have become so iconic that other photographers have tried to emulate his style.


November, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 18:  Bob Kaleta - Vanguard Optics Update

This month on the Vanguard "Raise Your Glass" podcast we're talking with Bob Kaleta, the Product Marketing Manager for Optics, Hunting and Outdoors. First, Bob describes a recent hunting trip when his son was able to shoot his first buck.  Bob says it was a very rewarding adventure for both of them.

Then Bob turns his attention to the new lineup of Vanguard products to be released at the upcoming SHOT show. He describes the new riflescopes soon to be available and also the exciting new Vesta binoculars and spotting scopes.


October, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 17:  Tom Beecher - Elk Hunting in New Mexico

Vanguard Managing Director Tom Beecher joins us on this edition of the podcast. Tom tells the story of a successful handgun hunt for antelope, then has details of a grueling elk hunt. Tom had two close encounters with nice bulls and thought his hunt might be over, but then scored on this beautiful New Mexico bull with his muzzleloader.


September, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 16:  Bill Freet - Shooters Outfitters

We're looking at the retail side of the outdoor business this month on the podcast as host Mike Avery talks with Bill Freet, manager of Shooters Outfitters in Traverse City, Michigan. Bill describes what it takes to run a successful store and how their partnership with Vanguard has helped business. We also talk about the importance of having the right product available for customers and why customer service is critical.


August, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 15:  Tom Spisz

Target archery is the topic this month on the podcast as we talk with Tom Spisz. Tom is a sales manager at Vanguard and an accomplished 3D shooter. He talks about the growth of target archery and how it can prepare archers for bow season. Tom also discusses the gear necessary to be a top-tier shooter and how to get started in the sport.


July, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 14:  Carsten Raukohl

This month we're talking with German hunter and social media icon Carsten Raukohl.  Carsten describes hunting in Europe and talks about the growth of hunting in his native country.  The discussion also includes how social media is portraying hunting in a positive light and Carsten's partnership with Vanguard.


June, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 13:  Bruce Mitchell

This month we're talking with "The Alligator Man", Bruce Mitchell of the Swamp People TV show. Bruce tells the story of growing up in the Louisiana bayou and why hunting and fishing are a big part of his life. He also gives us a glimpse behind the scenes on the TV show and talks about why hunting alligators isn't as profitable as it used to be. The conversation wraps up as Bruce describes his relationship with Vanguard and why he depends on their products.


May, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 12:  Henry and Lakeisha

We're talking with Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of HALO Chronicles on this edition of the podcast. They describe themselves as "God-fearing, family oriented, Mississippi shuffling, avid hunters who occasionally suffer from buck fever and turkey pox".  Henry and Lakeisha talk about raising their family in the outdoor lifestyle and the challenges of capturing their outdoor adventures on camera.


April, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 11:  Catching up with Realtree

This month, Tyler Jordan and David Blanton of Realtree join us on the "Raise Your Glass" podcast. The hunting icons talk about the partnership between Vanguard and Realtree and why they think the two companies are poised to make a very strong impact in the hunting market. Tyler also talks about what it was like to grow up in the public eye and why there was never any doubt he'd end up working in the family business. Then David describes his most memorable whitetail hunt and how that helped him re-evaluate his life as a hunter.


March, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 10:  Getting into Bowhunting with Jessica Taylor-Byers

Jessica Taylor-Byers is our guest this month on the podcast. Jessica grew up in a hunting family but is relatively new to the sport of bowhunting.  Through her website and videos, she's documenting the transition into the world of stick and string hunting.  Jessica has great advice on choosing the right bow and archery gear...and how to get the most from that equipment.


February, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 9:  Turkey Hunting with Josh Carney

We're talking turkey this month on the podcast with avid turkey hunter Josh Carney. Josh first came to the national hunting scene in 2015 at the National Wild Turkey Federation convention.  It was there he demonstrated his uncanny ability to call birds using nothing more than his mouth and vocal cords. Since then Josh has traveled the country honing his hunting skills.  He has great advice for beginning turkey hunters, as well seasoned veterans of the sport.


January, 2018

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 8:  Late Season Deer Hunting

This month we're talking with Cragg Fitz of Trained Assassins TV. Cragg has lots of experience hunting mature whitetails across the country and he has great advice on filling your tag during the late season. Cragg also discusses his relationship with Vanguard and talks about some of their products he uses to be more successful in the field.


December, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 7:  Bob Kaleta

We get a look behind the scenes this month on the Vanguard “Raise Your Glass” Podcast. Vanguard’s Global Product Marketing Manager for optics Bob Kaleta talks about the upcoming SHOT show and some of the new products to be unveiled there. The industry veteran also describes the process of bringing a new product to market and the importance of field testing that gear. Bob also has great advice on choosing the right binoculars to match the conditions and style of hunting.


November, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 6:  James Trawick

This month we’re talking with James Trawick of First Light Productions. First Light is a dynamic multimedia production house, responsible for creating some of the most beautiful hunting imagery in the business. James is also involved in a new social media platform called YUDU. Trawick talks about building relationships in the outdoor industry and his plans produce a feature film in the near future.

October, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 5:  Kinion Bankston

We’re talking with a social media icon this month on the Vanguard “Raise Your Glass” podcast. Kinion Bankston from Southern Boyz Outdoors joins host Mike Avery to talk about the power of new media and how to capitalize on that potential. Bankston also describes some of his favorite activities including hog hunting and cooking... including his signature jumbalaya. The topic of Vanguard and their products is also discussed, as well as Kinion’s excitement over some new products on the way.

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September, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 4:  Dean Hulce

Dean Hulce is our guest this time on the Vanguard “Raise Your Glass” podcast. Dean is a hunting guide and owner of the 2 Hats Ranch in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  He recently hosted two young deer hunters, courtesy of Vanguard. Dean talks about that hunt and describes how the hunters were able to take their first whitetail bucks. He also talks about the impact hunting can have on young person’s life.

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August, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 3:  Bri Van Scotter

“Low and slow”, that’s one piece of great advice from wild game chef Bri Van Scotter on this edition of the Vanguard “Raise Your Glass” podcast. Bri is a former anti hunter, who has now embraced the outdoor lifestyle as a way to gather top quality ingredients for her recipes. Host Mike Avery talks with the chef about her transition into the outdoor world, her “Wilderness to Table” franchise, a leap into outdoor television and lots more.

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July, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 2:  Christian and Jessica Bond

It’s a wide range of topics this month on the Vanguard “Raise Your Glass Podcast”. First, Jessica and Christian Bond of The Outsiders TV show talks about how they got into the outdoor industry. They also describe “noodling” for giant catfish and the technique of catching those fish by hand. Then, Eric Sherwood of Whitetail Select Seeds has great information on planting food plots to attract game and increase your odds of success this fall.

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June, 2017

#RaiseYourGlass Podcast / Episode 1: Tom Beecher, Vanguard 

On this inaugural edition of the “Raise Your Glass” Podcast presented by Vanguard, host Mike Avery talks with Vanguard Managing Director Tom Beecher. Tom describes the history of the company, including how it got started and the size of Vanguard today.  He also talks about the quality of their optics, especially in their new binoculars and rifle scopes. Beecher also outlines plans for future products and explains how Vanguard intends to use this new format to stay in touch with their customers.

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