Field & Stream Ranks #VanguardOptics Top of List
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Field & Stream Ranks #VanguardOptics Top of List

This month, Endeavor RS IV by Vanguard placed 3rd on Field & Stream's list of the 'Absolute Best Rifle Scopes of 2017,' thereby proving that you don't have to spend thousands to receive quality.  Most notable, perhaps, is the long list of industry giants (read: more expensive options) that Vanguard beat out!

According to Field & Stream, the publication 'put 14 new scopes to a grueling four-day test to figure out which will give you the best, and most affordable, view this fall.'

Where did Endeavor RS IV score the highest?  Well the answer is twofold - quality AND price - which is exactly what Vanguard prides itself on!

In fact, Endeavor RS IV's "...straight 9s and 10s for repeatability, resolution, weather resistance, and value shot the RS IV up into our top three overall." - Field & Stream

Field & Stream continued, "This was the surprise of the test... In a field of mostly specialized precision-shooting optics, this is a solid, hardworking hunting scope that reveals fine detail near the edges of daylight, and sports an illuminated reticle that’s highly visible and practical for the field. All of this for a price that falls anywhere from less than one-half to one-seventh that of any other scope in our top five."

And how does Vanguard offer this kind of quality at such an amazing value?  It's simple, really. By owning and operating its own factory, Vanguard does not rely on sourcing from other companies, thus ensuring the highest quality from start to finish, while cutting out unnecessary costs.


Endeavor RS IV - part of Vanguard's most recent update to its sporting optics lineup - delivers acclaimed Vanguard quality in a premium European tube design.  RS IV reinforces Vanguard's commitment to offering exceptional image quality, through extensive multilayer coatings and its use of premium HOYA ED glass.

In addition, a large field of view, a rapid focus eyepiece, illuminated reticles and enhanced contrast combine to deliver a positive experience afield to any aspiring shooter.


The single piece 30MM tube is constructed from high grade T6061 aluminum with a hard anti-scratch, anodized matte surface.  The riflescope is sealed against dust and moisture, and nitrogen purged.  It's also recoil resistant to provide a lifetime of dependability and success.

Precise windage and elevation adjustments offer reset capability and accuracy with a locking side parallax system on certain models.

The Endeavor RS IV Series offers illuminated Duplex and German #4 reticles, as well as Vanguard's own Dispatch™ ballistic reticles for easy application in low light.


Engineered to handle rugged terrain in the most challenging conditions, Endeavor RS IV is backed by Vanguard's Industry Leading  Premium Lifetime Warranty.

Vanguard is proud that the industry is taking notice!   To read Field & Stream's full review, click here.

Check out the Endeavor RS IV Series of Riflescopes here.

4 thoughts on “Field & Stream Ranks #VanguardOptics Top of List”

  • Dean Hulce

    I've been spreading the news for a while now... These optics are far superior to maost optics and 1/2 the price. I'm replacing all that I can on my guns... The quality is amazing

  • William S. Guerrera

    Endeavor RS IV – Hunters’ top Rifle Scope
    Vanguard has judged the Endeavor RS IV to be on the top list of rifles scopes for 2017. While bagging third place in their competition, this scope rifle is consistent with having high results in each judgement criteria, and the top choice when considering both quality and price.

    While it did not bag the first place this season, it compares to the others in quality and exceeds expectations in price, proving that not all quality products need to have a high price attached to them. One of their primary solutions for quality and price is that the company completely owns the production of the scope from beginning to end, not outsourcing any of their products, and being able to have a close eye on the quality of each part. This also contributes to the fact that they have a premium lifetime warranty, should any problems arise.

  • William M Ricks

    I recently purchased the Endeavor RS IV 2.5-10x50 riflescope. Mounted it yesterday and sighted in a new gun. I found it to be a very nice scope and very easy to see though. My son like it so well he will be purchasing one also. Thank you Vanguard,can't wait to take it afield..

  • Mark Carey

    Top class rifle scope seems to be effective for a newbie like me.The technical terms of it, explains the all overview of its fundamental characteristics how to operate it from the first-hand experience.

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