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Dakar 6A-Black

Dakar 6A-Black

The DAKAR 6A is the larger model in the series, offering the most compact and robust protection for hardworking, medium sized point-and-shoot camera models day-in and day-out.

  • Always protected - tough shell construction
  • Versatile carrying - carrying strap and belt connection
  • Quick-action - stretchy side gusset and double zipper access
  • Why stand alone? - match and use with another Vanguard
# v-445



The DAKAR 6A is the larger model in the series, designed to fit the medium sized point-and-shoot camera models. Sporting a rigid protective shell structure it ensures a snug fit for your hardworking camera and day-in and day-out robustness no matter where or how it is carried: slipped into your pocket, slung over your shoulder, attached to your belt, or flung into your bag alongside all your other essentials. With the two zipper access and stretchy side gusset you will never struggle to get your camera in or out.


Warranty Applicable by national law
Model COOLPIX S210, COOLPIX S220, COOLPIX S230, COOLPIX S550, COOLPIX S570, EX-770, EX-FC100, EX-FS10, EX-H10, EX-S10, EX-S12, EX-S500, EX-S600, EX-S880, EX-V7, EX-V8, EX-Z1, EX-Z10, EX-Z100, EX-Z1000, EX-Z1050, EX-Z110, EX-Z120, EX-Z1200, EX-Z150, EX-Z200, EX-Z250, EX-Z270, EX-Z280, EX-Z300, EX-Z33, EX-Z400, EX-Z450, EX-Z5, EX-Z500, EX-Z60, EX-Z600, EX-Z65, EX-Z70, EX-Z700, EX-Z75, EX-Z750, EX-Z77, EX-Z80, EX-Z85, EX-Z850, EX-Z90, IXUS 100IS, IXUS 110IS, IXUS 120IS, IXUS 200IS, IXUS 75, IXUS 80IS, IXUS 82IS, IXUS 85IS, IXUS 860IS, IXUS 870IS, IXUS 90IS, IXUS 950IS, IXUS 95IS, IXUS 960IS, IXUS 970IS, IXUS 980IS, IXUS 990IS
Shoulder Bag Type Pouch
Color Black
Outside Dimensions (in) 3 1/2 x 1/38 x 5


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